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I am looking for support to start on a new path, I want to find someone who could and probably would like to help me start a career as a porn actor.
I'm a forty-year-old man who hopes it's not too late to act in porn movies
I now live in Rotterdam, leaving Romania in an attempt to leave behind the dark thoughts I had after a broken marriage.
Having a limited sex life in the past marriage, due to the fact that my ex-wife is a religious female, I failed to have many sexual experiences so lately I started watching porn movies wanting to know and learn more. My first curiosity was to see how women orgasm, suspecting that my ex-wife never got there. Discovering cunnilingus offers powerful feeling, I watched many videos with facesitting, facefucking and female domination.
The more videos I watched, the more I was drawn to such experiences. Always attracted to what I have never done in the past, I began to like more and more women with darker skin with African origins.Step by step, every time I look for and watch a video, I get addicted to always seeing dark brown pussy.
I am completely enchanted and subjugated by the enigmatic dark shadow that shelters and protects the pink emerald that mesmerized me ("my precious":))).
If ever my dreams come true and I could have all the dream pussies on my face, I could set a record worthy of the Guinness Book.
Also now being pleasantly impressed by the thresome, I started to want to be dominated not only by two but I dreamed of having as many dark brown juicy creamy pussies on my face. Then, if my submission goes any further, I'll have to accept the strapon, but I wonder if it might not be better, for my virgin ass, for the first dick that comes into me to be a real one, no plastic. And then, because the only penis I've ever touched is just mine, I started looking for shemales movies. I was surprised at how beautiful, attractive and even sexy some can be, but my favorites are also ebony shemales.
And so the image of my mind was outlined as I want it to be my first step in this world:
My movie:
"I am seduced by two beautiful women's ebonies that I noticed on a terrace in the city, and talking to them, they managed to convince me to accompany them to their house in the hope that we will have a trio.
Sharing more about me, they found out that I am a novice, but they assured me that there will be no problem, they will guide me and they will even take control where I will not be able to handle it.
Arriving at their house we had the first surprise when two other ebony women were waiting for us inside. I got acquainted, they started to flow to the questions I answered with all sincerity, and they explained to me that they enjoy being dominant, explaining to me that they will use everything I can with me.
Frightened that I would be raped, I tried to run away, but in a short fight they knocked me down, immobilizing me and tying me up. Then they told me that I was their hostage, my imprisonment lasting until I accepted my position as a slave, then served them of my own free will.
Then my first training lesson into submission begins.
.... "
These temptations took root in my mind, starting to grow with each movie I watched, and thus building an ever-widening and better-shaped image, giving birth to the plan to live such experiences and, why not, to open up. a new path in my life.
Now I want my first step in this world to be a memorable one, a Big Step, and that's why I want to do many at once at the same time and all these to be recorded on a film that could give birth to a movie, helping me to change my life.
I now dare to ask your opinions, advice and I hope you can give me the financial support to make this film, or sending a reference to another's studio's who could help me ....


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